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Laying Down The Gun

This song is by Hope For Agoldensummer and appears on the album I Bought A Heart Made Of Art In The Deep, Deep South (2004).

When I was twenty-four, you passed and sank into the floorboards

When I was twenty-six, I found your body hidden and still


I called Lou and we dragged you to the back room

And as the soap washed away, your skin peeled and flayed

And it turns out instead of blood, you got love songs traveling through your veins

What I found were all the words you ever sang

Tapped into the bones of your ribcage

And I wept when I heard deep beneath your chest

Beat as one of all the hearts of all the friends you loved best

You're the lovers and the fighters

Underground or on the park

Pass you off into the blue, stop wondering where our hearts had disappeared to

Instead of stopping our hearts, we played music

Because we're rock stars

We come together and we work and we fall apart

I play music because I'm in love with silence and sound

Just like a machine, I picked up my pen and wrote this medicine down

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