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Heart Of Art

This song is by Hope For Agoldensummer and appears on the album I Bought A Heart Made Of Art In The Deep, Deep South (2004).

I bought a heart made of art in the deep, deep south

I thought it was gold so I swallowed it whole

I am in a deep sleep now

I drank from a sapphire cup in my dream

Well, I fought with God

By north Georgia stream

I spoke of woe

And God spoke of truth

Her fist brushed my chin

We fought like men

We tore our skin over you

One, two, three...

I drank ambrosia with someone who knows you

I bet you wish you knew her too

In my dreams I met a great sage

She shuffled and let my cards falls

And I cried out loud

As the ace of spades danced on the hole in my soul

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