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4th Night

This song is by Hope For Agoldensummer.

It's been a long, long year
Things got messed up and crazy
You stayed sincere
During the dreamland fire
You've been let down
You've been let go
Packed up your paints
And found a new home
It's been a long 2 years
And this world is full of liars
Your name's been cleared
Of arson the dreamland fire
You've been released
You've been spared
Now you can breathe in
A brighter air
Here come your friends again
They've come to pick you up
There is somewhere
They want you to go
Despite your headache,
They want you to know
That you're alright
In the backseat
Yes, you're alright
Now you can sing
Let it all come down
On the 4th night

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