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The Goose And The Wren

This song is by Hop Along and appears on the album Freshman Year (2005).

While in the form of the amp (?)
The goose and the wren
Left the shores of Maryland to find better oxygen
While the outcry of twenty men
Run from the nearby battalion
As if we avoid their light that we might make it home tonight

And one old crook (?), carries a very heavy book
Friends would say 'Sir, are you sure some good could come of your burden (?)'

And he said 'My girl gave it to me just before the war. I've never read a book like this before. It's giving me kind of a kind of a binding (?)'

But if it is love then I'm not quite sure if I should keep it, but I've heard it's apart of the whole so I guess I need it. But I'm certainly be sure to stay above the ground. Lately beautiful things got in the way of bringing me down

Here lie one hundred men, fighters every one of them. They went into the light and oh no they won't be home tonight.

And I came upon a kid with a kite, despite the storms said he's going to fly. So I said 'Brother, what would your mother say?'

And he said "Hold your tongue! It was a present. AND GOD DAMN I AM A MAN, I AIN'T AFRAID OF THE RAIN!'

But what can bystanders do? No more than watch the spidery lights take a hold of you.
'But you know I warned you boy, you know I told you boy. I'll hold you back boy, but now I don't know but cause in a curious kind of way I want to grow along with you.'

And morning did come, I was standing struck dumb by the man in the sun and the only live one held a string from his thumb that stretched up to the sun. Where the heron flew by singing "Oh me and oh my!'

And the goose and the wren, no I have not seen them but the water looks nice so I dare not think twice. And I'm sure that they're fine very good friends of mine cause sometimes I can't tell when things are unwell.By the look of the sea starting straight back at me and I might disappoint (?) you but I think it is true that when the love go it's the lovers who show just how lonely they are in a song or a scar. Sincerely your friend (brought back to the wren)?, I've been thinking too much down here in the sand.

The farmer stands and says "What happened to the land? It used to be fertile. It used to be good, when I was a lad'

The farmer calls out to this men says 'It's getting late boys, it's best you come back in.'

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