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God's Gift

This song is by Hooverphonic and appears on the album In Wonderland (2016).

Don't be late for me
I won't wait you see
Got to be quick
I'm too impatient I admit
So don't be late for me
I don't like it you see
Don't blame the past
If this thing is meant to last
I don't know why you think you can touch
When you talk too much and you're making a fuss
Stop right there there's a woman in here
Didn't mama ever make it clear?

And so you talk in a hideous way
You think you're smart but that won't make me stay
You can't believe that I'm turning you down
Think you're gods gift but I think you're a clown
Don't be too early
No girl likes that, see
Don't look for words
If you wake up with the birds
Don't be too early
I don't like that you see
I'm not very nice
When the sleep is in my eyes

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