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Cocaine Kids

This song is by Hooverphonic and appears on the album In Wonderland (2016).

Try a little mushroom pie
Buy a little piece of sky

Now I'm gonna show you how
Miaow, says the purple cow
You can drink ten cups of coffee but
It don't taste quite the same
Absinthe and moonshine in comparison
Are pretty lame
Oh it's hip to be a cocaine kid
I'd rather kick it with the cocaine kids

Fly through the mushroom sky
Buy a little piece of that pie
Sounds like it left the ground
Till your head spins round
The writers of this material in no way encourage
Or condone the use of illicit substances
If you choose to indulge in illegal recreational
Activities, you do so at the risk of prosecution
So why not sit back, relax and have a nice cup
Of tea and a biscuit, okay...?

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