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The Weight Of You In Your Resting State

This song is by Hoots And Hellmouth.

The weight of you in your resting state
Is heavy
When I'm sleepily nudging you across the bed.
Maybe it's your dream,
Maybe it's a day's worth of feeling.
Scraps of conversations, of images suffer in your head,
Your eyes, and your belly.

Ease on me, ease on me.

The light, from streetlamps and starry skies,
Is careful not to impose its terror in the rush of our sleep.
I wish my footsteps didn't creak across the floorboards late at night.
How could I disturb you when you when you're so peaceful and deep?
Oh, so deep in your head, your sleeping.

Ease on me, ease on me.

In the morning, we'll turn yawns into kisses
Like a proper mister and missus.
Even though I haven't proposed to you,
Not like I'm supposed to…

Now the sight of your sheets shows signs you've been tossing
Till you found that place where you are resting now.
Why do I tiptoe when I know you're gonna stir anyway?
Well, I guess I'm just trying to figure out how
I can slip in beside you, not to wake you,
Just to feel you breathing in a rhythm,
As I sing myself to sleep.

Ease on me.

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