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This song is by Hooray! For Everything.

Sometimes the road goes on without you
And leaves you waiting in the night
Where I'm finding out I was wrong
To turn my back on this life
And all I've learned is nothing stays
And it can never be that real
But if I could be with you for one day
Just to see how it could feel
If we could whisper in this screaming world
And save this dream for you and me
If we could silently become this moment
And know that it means everything
Sometimes a moment is a lifetime
Sometimes a lifetime is a dream
A million new beginnings
That we will never see
I guess my heart was never in this
And I was just too tired to fight
But there was nothing quite as lonely
As the sky was that night
The blue skies were torn apart
As I sighed melodies
Life is born out of screams
But fades away silently
The concrete lets me wait
And watch the lights disappear
You still shine in my head
As I save a place for you here
Somethings are best left unexplained
Because nothing is ever as it seems
Life is better when it's neverending
Life is better when it's just a dream

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