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Girl : Unfolding

This song is by Hooray! For Everything.

You're staring out the crack beneath the door
To try and prove yourself that you are wrong
The door can hide your eyes from this scene
But it can't hide the screaming going on
And you believe from the pain you feel that
Somehow this is all your fault
And now you cry yourself to sleep
Just like every other night
And you feel like your dying from being alone
With no one left to share your pain
And you've grown so quiet and I don't know
If you'll ever be the same
Or if I'll see you again
All you have has fallen to the floor
Your head is buried in your hands
Pondering why life has left you here
And dreaming you could have another chance
A chance to be loved instead of wondering
How a heart, unbroken, would feel
You fake a smile and wonder
If happiness is real

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