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Eyes Wide Shut

This song is by Hoods Up and appears on the album Arms Still Open (2007).

Can't you hear their screams at night?
It's like animal's life is not a right
They're suffering and dying, just for us
How can we be so unjust?
We try, we try, we try, we try
That's what we can do
It's so sad to ignore their cries
So fuckin' sad to close our eyes
They scream, they bleed, fuckin' die
Until the day we try
We try, we try, we try, we try
That's what we can do
In the name of progression
We hide our lust
We just consume to satisfy
We don't kill to stay alive we have to stop
The first thing we can do is to try
Try to change ourselves

(One thing most people will agree on is that it's wrong to kill, it's
Especially wrong to kill when it's not necessary. living in an abundant
World where you have so many alternatives to eating meat, why take
Lives? why take animal lives? humans are the only species on this planet
That choose to kill for sport or lust. no other species will ever kill
Just for fun. many say that humans are superior to animals and their
Life is not that valuable and so we can decide about their life and
Death but if we are superior to them that's the fact why we should
Behave decently to animals. we are the species capable of imagination,
Rationality, and moral choice and that is why we are under an obligation
To recognize and respect the rights of animals.)

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