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Best Of Times

This song is by Hoods Up and appears on the album Arms Still Open (2007).

Every hour on the road we spent
Takes us closer to our friends
Smilin' faces, stagedives and high-fives
Sense of delight in our lives
Capturable moments with nothing to lose
Solid ideals and common views / a dozen things
Pounding in our hearts
Seize every day as a new start
Best of times / best of times
These are the best of times
We won't care about what others say
For us its just the best of times
Nothing that could break us down
For us its just the best of times

(Friends on the road, spending half their time together.
Those roadtrips seem to make time stand still. these moments
Make you forget about your daily problems. far-off from stress
And hectic. moods that refresh your energy savings, motivate and
Strengthen you to get back to the reality of "normal" life although each "the day after"
Seems like some surreal joke leaving you with the memories of best of times, longing for the next
Time you get in the van.)

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