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This song is by Hoods and appears on the album The King Is Dead (2005).

It's so sad- another loved one dies.
Stand strong- I know inside you cry.
Families mourn- as two gods fight for a soul.
Nothing- is what it seems
Never thought today you would wake up
Just to have to say goodbye- I hate goodbyes.
One day- you'll smile again.
For awhile- gotta fight through some pain.
So take a deep breath- I'm here for you my friend.
Unlike a god that's heartless.
You god is heartless.
I feel your loss- taking over on me.
Trade my life for your pain- in a heartbeat.
Fatherless son- a childless father.
The next life lost is yours- mother fucker.
Heartless- you're heartless.
Heartsless- a god that's heartless

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