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Somebody, Take Me Home

This song is by Hoodoo Gurus and appears on the album Purity Of Essence (2010).

You can't smoke in barrooms
What's the difference?
This place is as dingy as before.
I hope a friendly face comes to my rescue,
And good fortune walks in smiling through the door.

Ain't somebody gonna take me home tonight?
Get me out of here.
Somebody better take me home tonight.

This old barstool's always glad to see me,
The whiskey bottle winks and says hello
But we all know know before this night is over
My old friends can't wait to see me go.

Misery loves company, so they tell you
Andâ needs a sympathetic ear from time to time
But what iâ want I won't find in this bar room:
I'm looking for a true partner in crime.

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