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This song is by Hoodoo Gurus and appears on the album In Blue Cave (1996) and on the compilation album Bite The Bullet: Director's Cut (1998).

Hold on till I reach you
Hang in - I'm running to free you

All alone in the wilderness
Craving for a sweet caress
Love appears in a cool mirage
A fatal trap under camouflage

It's like quicksand
They all tried to warn you
Old ways are too easy to fall into

You broke away from my caravan
You didn't trust the camel man
You wanted space so you took it all
Now who's around here to see you fall

Into quicksand
I ain't trying to blame you
Call me - now don't be ashamed to

I'm alone in the dead of night
Dreaming of Turkish delight
An empty bed is a barren land
It drinks the tears up like burning sand

I only pray that I ain't too late
There's something left to extricate
Just relax, don't give in to fear
If you struggle you will disappear

Under quicksand
Hold on till I reach you
Hang in - I'm running to free you

I'm searching for traces
Come home to my cool oasis

It's like quicksand...

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