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​Over Nothing

This song is by Hoodoo Gurus and appears on the album Purity Of Essence (2010).

Some friendships end out of hate
And hasty words spoken in anger.
A rush of blood to the head
The swords are drawn in heated battle.
But when the feuding has passed
It leaves no-one unscathed,
Only wounded.

Some friendships end from neglect,
A thoughtless mind's preoccupation.
They cannot hope to survive
Amid busy lives of self-obsession.
And so must wither and die.
That's how some friendships end
But not this one.
No, not this one.

Knowing you the way I do
I truly believed that somehow we'd pull through
Hadn't we both seen it all?
We faced the world, together we stood tall
Together we stood tall,
You and I stood tall.

Some friendships end in regret
A trust betrayed, too freely given.
That is the worst way they end.
But then some friendships end
Over nothing.
Over nothing.

Though it's true not all friendships last
I always thought that ours was different.
You brought the best out in me.
How did our friendship end?
How did it ever end
Over nothing?
Over nothing?