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Mars Needs Guitars!

This song is by Hoodoo Gurus and appears on the album Mars Needs Guitars (1985).

I'm primitive
I'm a primitive man
Got a primitive girl
We make primitive love
I'm a stoneage Romeo
I got a spaceage Juliet
We make primitive loving
'Cause I ain't got a TV set

I'm primitive
That's what I am
I'm your prime mate
I wanna be your man
I want you, darling
You know I'm hip
Fly me to Venus
In a real gone rocket ship, I said
(Ah, ah) I'm primitive
(Ah, ah) I'm primitive
You know what that means

I'm a primitive man
I said I am
You're up to date
I can't wait
I'm a stoneage Romeo
Be my spaceage Juliet
We'll take guitars to Mars
And hit the discotech, come on

(Ah, ah) I'm primitive
(Ah, ah) I mean it, baby
(Ah, ah) speak my language?
(Ah, ah) man, you're out of this world
(Mars needs guitars) so, like, your cave or mine?
(Mars needs guitars) you don't like this long hair?
(Mars needs guitars) yeah, take that crazy
(Mars needs guitars) I'm primitive
(Mars needs guitars) primitive
(Mars needs guitars) I ain't no square

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