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Summoned Into Euphoric Madness

This song is by Hooded Menace and appears on the album Effigies Of Evil (2012).

Infant raised by a pack of wolves
Evolving part man, part beast, deranged
Wolf blood
Full moon summons his urge to kill
Doomed by the genome
An ancestral curse
Legend of the lycanthrope
Transmutation under a full moon

Deranged wolfman, blood curses howl
Ear shattering screams of the fallen victims
Enraged lunatic on the prowl
Possessed by the wolf
Fangs pierce flesh
Gore drips from blood-soaked claws
Monstrous massacre
Growling maniac
Throat torn out in the wolfman's jaws

Legend of the lycanthrope
Summoned into euphoric madness
Summoned into euphoric madness

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