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Arcane Epitaph

This song is by Hooded Menace and appears on the album Fulfill The Curse (2008).

Scientists gather for a quest
Motivated by lust and greed
To uncover an ancient warlock
His tombstone they must read

The ancient demon forever sleeps
Long deceased he rests in decay
Chants of death echo beneath
This creature shall rise today

They have gathered
At this decrepit castle
For a myth of riches
Entombed with the beast
They chant the words
From his epitaph
Up from the ground
Rises the deceased

The women are captured
For sacrifice
All the men are horrifically slain
Mortals cannot ever comprehend
The perversions
From an undead brain

To the cast through
An untrodden path
To discover the truth
Of the Arcane Epitaph
Feeble humans
Have been ripped in half
For unleashing
The power
Of the Arcane Epitaph

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