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Waiting For The Beast

This song is by Honor and appears on the album In Flames Of The Rising Power (2001).

By raven's black wing the day has just awake
With fright, what the fate does it bring
In silence so painful consumed by the rage
We waited the crusader troops
This power that comes here is mightful but wrong
It brings us slavery and tears
Devours the nations and breaks their necks
But still needs for fresh and pure blood

Today I'll loose my life here
Or as a free man I'll lease
Everything I was here
My country will ask for some day

How may I leave my gods, for whose I stand here
Betray them in this day of war
Throw away my faith and in time of the truth
Became the unworthy of blood
From darkness of forests here comes fearful voice
Now ravens are waiting for prey
It's too late for retreat, too late for the fright
The arrows have found their way

Not for us the time of the humble and cries
In shame, to count our days
And even in fighting here comes time to die
This land will carry our cry
This forces of Rome are so hostile and dread
They came here to spill our blood
Although they belief, their symbol's so mighty
They won't find a way out from here

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