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Triumph Of The New Era

This song is by Honor and appears on the album In Flames Of The Rising Power (2001).

The will of creation still tells us to go
Crushing all weakness with no fear of death
Keeping the memories of the distant days
When honor was right as a cross is today
To laugh at the fall of the false holiness
Unmasking their madness and breaking their rights
To show our nations how blind are today
To find in the ruins the spring of new strength

Triumph is the prize of our fight, for surviving
Triumph is the nature of our blood, blood still running
Triumph the fulfillment of our dreams, winning battles
Triumph our god and our hope, for surviving

Millions of crippled, just staying to stay
Liars from church with no faith in our race
Such broken Christ's suffering's their life
We'll smash everything and this world shall be burned
In times of confusion through night is the way
Our only and last hope to be a free man
Out of the sight of the demons from dark
So painful and hard, we will still follow there

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