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Time Of Purify

This song is by Honor and appears on the album In Flames Of The Rising Power (2001).

I'll loose so much when I'll let you stay here
For even a while
You made my holy land
Crushed by your feet, is a monster today
Through thousand of darkest years
Misled by your tricks it praised your name
Forgot that the Jewish worms are responsible
For all of our pain

Today the blood of my race
Revenge for each of these days
When devoid of all our dreams,
And the will to fight for this world
The time which forever gone
In vengeance has made final step
The voice of ancestral law
Speaks into our hearts

Nobody stopped your words
When walls of your temples stirred up my rage
When you had poisoned the blood
Of lords of our kind, and our pagan breed
The voice of forgotten gods
It gave me the strength and faith in new dawn
When cursed away in flames
Of the eternal fire you'll finish your days

Surviving all of the shame
Dishonors and lies, destroying my race
They won't deceive me again
The strangest from abbeys, this mortal disease
I've found the taste of truth
Thrown away your spells, your disastrous might
So I effaced your disgrace
I'll answer my fears by the blow of my axe

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