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Zero Cool

This song is by Honkey Dorey.

Computer hack I'm such a slob
Don't wanna ever hold a job
I wanna kiss you after school

Sloppy wet 'n' out of touch
Say we can date
And so we'll dutch that nasty man
Oh ewok fuck.

I try to act like I'm real cool
But you can tell that I'm a fool
Then sum1 pokes me in eyes
I try act like I'm so hot
But you can tell that I'm just not
I'm just a hacker fool, yeah zero cool am i!

I've seen ehr dress she's such a slut
She looks like that
From all those drugs
Half smile, shit I just so smug...
U know I'de love to beat the brat or score sum Chinese rock
Like that or maybe share your bubble gum.

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