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Not Even Gonna Trip

This song is by Honeyz.

Since you only wanna lie to me
I guess I'll forget about all the things
All the things and everything u told me
(especially the thoughts about your feelings)
Found out about the other one
I guess you could say somebody spoilt your fun
(why you think I'm gonna let you play me)
Boy, you must think I'm really crazy

I'm not even gonna trip about it, worry about it
I'm not even gonna trip over it, don't care about it
I'm not even gonna bug myself out about it
I'm not even gonna trip

Forget everything you have to say
No need for you to try to explain
You're not one to be trusted
(face it boy, you've been busted)
So get rid of my phone number
You have no reason to call me
For we have nothing left to talk about
I'm through with you without a doubt


I'm not even gonna (I'm not even gonna)
I'm not even gonna (no no no)
I'm not even gonna (I'm not tripping on you)
I'm not even gonna trip

Repeat chorus to fade

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