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This song is by Honeycut and appears on the album The Day I Turned to Glass (2006).

Is where we're at
We missed the call
Love was the wrong format

Is what we're not
We trip we fall
We can't make out the blood

Was one of them
But down the hall
I lost the guards you left

Was not the case
Hard is the wall
Pressing against my face

Is what we say
You take my coat
But I can see it's not OK
But believe me sweetheart
We can put it back together

Can you sing me to sleep
And will I sleep to dream
Of a time when we weren't torn at the seams
I was your lover
And I was your friend
Can we put it back together again, together again

Put it back together

Put it back together, back together

Put it back together

Written by:

Bart Davenport, Tony Sevener, and Hervé Salters