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Texas Angel

This song is by Honeybrowne.

Well I'm sittin' here all alone wonderin' how you are.
And the thoughts of you spin around my head like wheels on a car.
And I wish you were beside me, dreamin' up at the stars.

Well the times we had together, well they just blew me away.
And I think about your soft, green eyes every single day
And how my plans for us just seemed to fall and fade into the grey.

I guess I didn't see it comin'.
How could I have been so blind?
And as I cry myself to sleep,
I wonder do I ever cross your mind?

So won't you smile for me my Texas Angel, It'll be alright.
You just lay your head beside me and dream of me tonight.
And I promise I'll watch over you till' the morning light.

Well, I'm headed back to the west coast, lookin' for my soul.
Tryin' to mend the pieces that shattered years before.
And the ocean takes my pain away, as it comes rollin' ashore.

So, if you see me walkin' down the street, baby don't turn away.
I just wanna see your smilin' face lookin' my way.
And I never wanna see you go....See you go away.

Repeat Chorus

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