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This song is by Honestly and appears on the album Have a Nice Life (2003).

The sun comes up
On all these bitter things
To color in the grey
That covers everything
It's been a heavy sky
Pressing down on me
I stumble through the new day
Though I don't know what it brings

I go on
When I think I've lost it all
I go on
But everything just feels so wrong
I go on
I've been quiet far too long
I can't start over
But I can change

Underneath my skin
I'm jaded and strung out
And I have been frustrated
'Cause I don't know what it's about
Life is overrated
If you don't know how to bleed
And I'm sick and tired of waiting
For everything I need

There's no sense in hiding
These scars that cover me
And it's worth all this fighting
To find a better way
And get up off my knees

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