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​I Go On

This song is by Honestly and appears on the album Have a Nice Life (2003).

She awakens with a chill by the open window
As the wind breathes it's cold
It hurts to know that what he needs
Is someone she can never be
And it runs from her eyes uncontrolled

"Give it time," she thinks
And hope still lingers in the air
But denial is a fleeting remedy
She squeezes skin with painted fingers
And the bleeding is a cruel reminder
That everything she's suffering is real

This perfect thing called love
Can leave you ripped up broken-hearted
Waiting for the sky to fall
This perfect thing called love
Can make you wish you never started
If you knew you would lose it all

He stands alone but satisfied as the dust clears
And the scars he wears have only made him stronger
For a wasted year he stayed and tried
A thousand times to make it right
But how could he ignore it any longer

"Give it up," he thinks
And wishes she could just move on
But he can't undo this thing he has done
And as she sees him slip away
She looks for ways to kill the pain
Is this what you get when you love someone?

What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
What are you waiting for?
Let it go
Let it go