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I Don't Know

This song is by Honestly and appears on the album Have a Nice Life (2003).

I'm falling to a place of recognition
You retreat to avoid the pain
I'm breaking free from my condition
You just sit and wait for change
I won't react if you say there's nothing left to save
You're lying when you tell me everything's gonna be okay

Are you desperate for anything?

Run as far and as fast as I know you can
You lost your faith
That's all you had
Leave behind everything you pretend to be
Just let it go
Or you'll never be free

There's nothing left
Only isolation
You're drowning in apathy
Can you even see a simple revelation
And if it hurt would you feel the sting

You're not desperate for anything


You gotta know I've been there before
(Where you are)
You can't live like this anymore
(Run as far)

Are you desperate for anything?


Will you ever be?
Oh, will you ever be free?
Will you ever be?
Will you ever be free?

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