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This song is by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives and appears on the album Second & Eighteen (2004).

He was born in 1882 in London
He'd kick your ass at violin and organ
And then he'd steal your wife
Hey, that's life

You broke one of my favorite possessions
Of course you realize this means war
Now I fart in your general direction
I won't stop until I even up the score

You can't keep me down forever
I will hunt you down and get her


With Greta Garbo
Those two made quite a pair
You broke my banjo
You won't be coming up for air
And little do you know
You're singing for a long-haired hare

All I want is to sing and play me harp
What's the matter fat boy
Can't you hear you're sharp?

You can't keep me down forever
I will track you down and get her back