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I Can Love You From Here

This song is by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives.

I love you, I need you
But not all that much
I'd rather perceive you
Away from your touch
Cause every time we try to talk, we fight
But I can love you from here all right

In fair and foul weather
You still got my heart
But when we're together
I wish we're apart
I love the darkness and you're much too bright
But I can love you from here all right

Honeybun, honeybee, you still mean the world to me
You're a cutie, but your beauty's more effective from afar
Sugarplum, sugarpie, you still know how to make me cry
You're a sweetie, I'm still needy
And it's true I love you
You know I do

We're still a great couple
We're still a great team
I just want to double
Our distance between
I'll blow you kisses till the morning light
'Cause I can love you from here all right

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