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Don't Look Right

This song is by Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives and appears on the album Second & Eighteen (2004).

You don't look right
Where are your pores?
Have you ever been out of doors?
You're the one that the public adores
But you don't look right

You don't look right
You call that skin?
What kind a vat did you grow that in?
I don't know where your body's been
But you don't look right

I look at you and I don't know what I'm seeing
I'm not even certain you're a human being
You stopped aging back when you were seventeen
But you still stare out from your magazine
Selling Avon Revlon and Maybelline

You don't look right
You grew too tall
You could look down on the Taj Mahal
And you don't weigh anything at all
No, you don't look right

You don't look right
You're skin and bones
Living on a diet of sticks and stones
Another soldier in an army of drones
And you don't look right

I don't know what to think when I look at your face
Searching for humanity and finding no trace
I think you're a member of an alien race
Who's come to enslave us from outer space
Along with Robyn and Roxette and Ace of Base