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The Age Of Numbers

This song is by Homo Iratus and appears on the album Apocalypse (2004).

Before "me" innocence
Protected me, shielded me
Words of the wise support the pillars of the world

A false legacy of miasmatic ideas
Of a fanatic father and a subjected mother

The world ...what is it?
A flashy game
With a beginning, middle and end
A royal theatre of tyrants
With a sterile imagination

Newborn "whys"
On one foot
A punishmet for every question
Answers "why ?"

With the passing years
The moist of philosophy got desiccated
And nothing but dry numbers were left

The world : numbers with simple excellents
Of corrupted teachers, a life of "yes sir"

"Why?" nourished a dream and a reality
In the years that passed
In the age of numbers
The passing age of numbers

The light I cherished has burned my eyes
And so I envied the blind
For they were not
Witness to my downfall
(Witness of our downfall)

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