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​Now And Then

This song is by Homemade.

Poor Billy received his new on a Sunday
Woken by his mother and she had just this to say
My son please return to me safe and ok you only turned
18 five months ago this may
Into the chopper his soul climbed aboard
Dressed up all in green with the cross of the lord
He will soon be revealed to this violence and sin
Brought by his country to protect and to defend
He looked to the sky and pictured it way back when
Will I return the same boy or a man without friends
Lead into those trees
The ones that stood oh so tall
We gave the government our fees
And Mr. Nixon took it all
To pay off all the plumbers that broke right through that wall
Well that was then and this is now Together as we fall

Now this boy comes back just looking to the crowd
Who once was his friend but now is not allowed
To be with all the killers in society today
Given off this feeling Billy was betrayed
Crying to his mother just like he had done before
Forced to see the bed that left behind the door
Pushed to shoot, shoot aim and kill
It was burned into his mind and soon it was a thrill
Now this boy comes back reaching to his chest
Looking for the love of god that he had put to rest
Now I lay myself down to sleep
I shall pray the lord to myself to keep
And if I die before I wake
I wish I could give back all the souls I had to take
Please set me free
On free to live this place
This manhood? That was given underneath those trees, those trees.