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Cast A Spell

This song is by Homemade.

I can't complain my mom always said there would be days like this
I'am staring out of my window with no answers as I clench my fists
I can't help but fear what lies ahead of me
And if can't get anyworse then this is one fucked up reality
My concrete youth turns into dust and age comes my way
Can't you bring out the sun, turn out the lights for one more day
And let me play
Some days I wake and there's a pain inside
I feel trapped in this fortress and I don't know whether its wrong or right
The right one pushes fallacies into my eyes
I rage for myself and try to save some of the others lives
Try and try toi believe I own my fate
They steal away the dreams and forget the pain by now it's too late
Turn around and star to frown pick myself off of the ground
I've lost my keys so they cannot be found
Some god damn witch made me a clown
Now what am I supposed to do I'm lost in this place without a clue
My stomach hurts I've got the flu and I can't even tell you why the sky is blue

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