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Wow, She Dumb

This song is by Home Grown and appears on the album Act Your Age (1998).

I'm sick of playing all your stupid little games
You're 17 and blonde and screwed up in the brain
Conceited, immature, confused, and naive
You're pretty pretty dumb, and caught up in the scene

And I wasted all my time
Waiting up for you
To make up your mind

I am sick of stupid girls
I am sick of stupid girls
I am sick of stupid girls

Stop acting like you're sad, I hate to hear you cry
You're like an episode of "Days of our Lives"
If you don't get your way, you'll whine and complain
Superficialistic, please go away

Pre-Chorus -- Chorus 2x

You're not innocent to me
You're too uppity for me
You're just a stupid girl to me

Stupid girls, girls, girls, girls, girls...

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