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Envy Me

This song is by Home Grown and appears on the album Act Your Age (1998).

You're J.E.A.L.O.U.S.
Because I've got bigger breast.
I know you're envious of me.
It's useless for you to pretend.
That you want to be my friend.
You can't control your jealousy.

Unhappy with yourself.
Go pick on someone else.
"Miss Insecurity."
You have no reason to hate me.
I'm not your enemy.
I'm not your enemy.

Why do girls analyze.
Evaluate and criticize.
Other girls that they don't know.
Spreading rumors, spreading lies.
Talking shit when I walk by.
You're always stepping on my toes.

Jealous of me.
Please don't be jealous of me.(x3)

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