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This song is by Home Grown and appears on the album Kings Of Pop (2002).

You were everything that I dreamed of
I never thought I'd hear you say
That you've fallen out of love
I never said this would be easy
You said you'd understand
Now your giving up everything
It's just not fair
This is a disaster (x3)
Your after
You know this is killing me
Yeah this is killing me

Maybe we just weren't meant to be
I said that's probably the worst thing
You could have said to me
I've given everything that i had
And nothing in return
I guess heartbreaks are fire
And i got burned

This is a disaster
That your after
This is a disaster
Your after you know this is killing me
Leave this behind
You know it's not
It's not that easy
I'm being denied
Of everything I've ever wanted

I know that your leaving
Just tell me you'll come back
I promise I won't let you down (x2)
Won't let you down
This is a disaster
This is a disaster
Your after you know this is killing me
This is a disaster that your after
This is a disaster

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