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Blood Of The Saints

This song is by Holy Terror and appears on the album Terror And Submission (1987).

A frightening scream pierces the night
A deliverance of an oppressive plight
Terror engulfs satanic life
A suffering of eternal strife

Attack is before you, pray a light may guide you
From mortal fear in your life
A stand to fight, no more wrong or right
The accuser will be judged by sanctity

Stricken by the curse of heavenly sin
Legions behold the final day
Allegiance to the end, a blood feast at the hands
That wash themselves of their foretold decay

Laid down to die, martyrs, saints, all will cry
"Save us from this eternal stay"
A call to arms by high command
None will try to make a stand
To battle back the cold caress
Of death possessed by wickedness

Embodied spirits let through the gate
No hope for life scarred by death and hate
No longer are the dogs held bay

Blood spilled in vain for the sake of those profane
Deceit, a cursed blinded lies eclipsed by wrath before our eyes
Disease, famine plagues distress, an empty hole awaits the rest
Astral guide in mercy comes

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