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Things You Do While Waiting For The Apocalypse

This song is by Holy Sons.

Amen to the search for the knowledge of this world
Wishing that it sprang from every soul like a pearl
Did you do your own research?
Did you build from the ground your own church?
Down with the written histories (for those burned up books that we cannot read)
Celebrate the graves that you stand upon
This is love to the deaths that I'm standing on
A claustrophobic magic spirals, sickens and swirls
Can you feel the failure that I've felt with the girls?
Liberation's out, bring the mind-prisons back in
Get'em safe, Keep'em safe
Forget the past, Through eras their sickness lasts
Obsolescence, Pre-designed
Been picking fights with that lobotomized mind
Lock-down commencing soon
Too many graveyards on the moon
I can't forget until my mind dies
Just tell the future eras we tried
We're sending up flares, breed in good pairs
Fight with bare hands to occupy their chairs
I can't forget until my mind dies

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