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You've Had More Kids Pulled Out Of That Thing Than A Burning Orphanage

This song is by Holy Molar and appears on the EP Cavity Search (2007).

Heretical headless horseface the music, ugh, the music! Confess on the rack thy gruesome nudity (crank, crank) spines crack and snap back from that balding crotch trap it's an amazon deforesting baby whoever disembowled preggars penetrated and emptied it by griddles - The spillover is sick! Flab roll out the carpet munch-in deutsch land lubber is a German pinch her with dog breath and gets a swift sniff up the carcass a choked chicken feathers in a pillow case filed under clucking mess pull out the clipped beaks and fangs leaving sticky stains that in teacher's sheets all get thumbs up grades

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