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Der Werewolf Breath

This song is by Holy Molar and appears on the EP Cavity Search (2007).

We look so hot in this plague, flushed up on this bloody beach all ready. I'll adjust those Columbian neck ties smile! Scientia sexuals take a fucking hike you got some limbs I wanna loose don't care two fucks how. I'll trace you back to your source watch me! This is binge and purge's reminder: You're rotting through your rouge, so fuck you! I'm decapitating door knobs, I'm impaling hooks. It's my fucking turn, see this? I'm so sick of looks, I'll climb this god damn hierarchy myself and pick you assholes off one at a time until I'm right. My saturation is complete. I'll make this a police matter: I'm here to ruin everything. You're welcome!

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