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This song is by Holopaw and appears on the album Holopaw (2003).

Thought he heard whispering outside the diving bell...
Sounded like his little sister laughing
(When she was lying with the glass snakes in the yard -
When she was smiling over pretty cakes).

High above on the bright side of the tether,
The captain breaks into a shore-leave-grin.
He thought the swishing of her grass skirt sounded like whispering,
Sounded like, "Hush, now." Hula-la.

The clouds were lit from the inside,
Flickered like jack-o-lantern light.
She was breathing smoke rings like little lassoes.
He was bobbing like a bird on the edge of his glass.

Far below on the quiet end of the tether,
He blinks his lids under the crush of green water...
The murky glow of the candles on a cake...
Hears the hum of "Hush, now." Hula-la.

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