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This song is by Holopaw and appears on the album Holopaw (2003).

Hoover why you holding back the lake?
For the fancy tails that swim the gentle arc?
For the fiddleheads that rim the ragged bank?
Or for the kid who pressed shadows against him?

Hoover was polished white and broad shoulders
Built for the people he serves.
Three stories of solid progess and propped up by a kickstand of a boy
Who threw shadows against the levee.
His horses glide the inside of the box canyon.
And he could break them with a flicker of his fingers
"Hey, appaloosa. You're a flicker of birds. Hey palomino. You're looking like Abraham. Hey, dapple gray. You're breaking up against his belly."

Hoover why you holding back?
For the silver cats that drag the murky deep?
Or for the kid who drew his thumb across your lip to pull the water down over him?
Horses tangled in the bridal veil.
"Hey, appaloosa. You're a flicker
Hey, palomino. You're looking like a
Hey, dapple gray. You're breaking up."


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