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This song is by Hollywood Romance.

I once knew this girl she had the most beautiful eyes in the world.
But she closed them one day
And let the tears fall away.
And I havent been the same since she told me goodbye.
And she never even told me why

And maybe I said something
Maybe I made the wrong move
But I won't know
I'll just admire the pictures we took
In front of buildings
Last summer, so high
That's how we spent it
Never thought I'd come down
But here I am on the ground
Blood pouring from my body

Did I jump or did I fall?
And that's the end of the story
You'll never know what became of the boy
With the broken heart
And no reason to move on
I guess you'll never know
I'm almost out of time
The only word I have left to say is goodbye

Tell me how does it feel
From the other side?
My lungs are a weapon
Meant to destroy