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This song is by Hollywood Lies and appears on the album Building An Empire (2008).

I'd orchestrated the event, manifested through time
The sirens called out who committed the crime
The discord red hands spelled out my defeat while the tension held up a conviction
I'd plead with the jury at least one time before the tension set in just to rapture the sin, which I in turn, used for crucification
Resurrect from the tomb every old habit at rest
I want to set your purple dress on fire, and I hope you're in it
I want to hate you more than I do now
This lonely game is getting tired, and I know I'm winning because I know that I'm wearing you down
Some day we'll both know what we had was indestructible
Nobody could ever quite come to deny us
It goes on to nothing
I've been touching every single word I said to you - I want them back
The memories will make for a much better story some day