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Please Please Me

This song is by Holly Valance and appears on the album State of Mind (2003).

I don't need no one spinning me a line
It's all been done
'Cause I know just what I need to satisfy my curiosity

But now you break the code that I can identify
You start it up and you know just what I like
You fit my expectations
And I say Go, Go

Why don't ya
Please, please, please me
Anyway you can turn it on
See where I'm coming from
Please, please, please me
What a girl like me, could do with someone like you
What I could do with someone like you
WHat I could do with someone like you

I could be impressed
So put your reputation to the test
Just give me something I can't ignore

You got an invitation to explore

Now I'm racing ahead but you're right in front of me
Something about you that I find unsettling
I'm anticipating
Don't say No No


Whenever I'm near you
Whenever I see you
Whenever I do


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