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​Lonely And Totally Confused

This song is by Holly Tree and appears on the album Running Out Of Sense (2003).

Everything started in 1993
When I met a girl that lived in a place near me
She was so nice we began to stay together
I tought we'd be happy forever
But she took my money and smashed my life
And it was not easy, no it was so hard
Despite all those things I loved her
But I found I'm not the only one

I don't know what to think
Just because the motherfucker is in love
With my friends and also with me

How would I feel with such stupid thing?
She is so rude not feeling sorry for me
Even smashing me up I thought she loved me so
Rage will develop up and I will learn
That I can never trust people nowadays
They just think of power, money and their dirty own ways
I never thought of her doing that
Now I'm so confused lonely and bored my life is sad