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Whatever You Want

This song is by Holly Miranda and appears on the album Holly Miranda (2015).

Whatever you want
I got a lot to give
If ever I'm not
The one that you want to be with
Don't tell me you need me
Don't tell me you want me
Don't tell me there's no one else
Don't tell me it's perfect
This love is the real thing
You want me all to yourself

We say things that we can't take back
We've gotta bury it alive
Put it in the past

So go on, just try
To turn me off
Once you've seen a light
It's so hard to live in the dark
But he's not gonna love you like I do no
And they won't understand
And when you come running back
Oh I won't be there


What did you think was gonna happen?


(Bury it alive)

Written by:

Holly Miranda

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