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No One Just Is

This song is by Holly Miranda and appears on the album The Magician's Private Library (2010).

Everyone knows me and they all know where I fall short
I hope this makes it past the discontent in your heart
This love does no one justice

I think it's a broken compass, got us down this far
Anyone with two cents would pull the ripcord
This love does no one justice
No one just is
No one just is

So we just keep falling with our ever-impending ground
Rising up to meet our poor judgment
And it's all for show nothing ever even scratches the top
Of what really goes on here

Pound through the room
Grasping at straws
Your heavy feet sound like
Wet stray dogs
Nameless confused
Looking for a home
I write it down
Into a...

And you'll be warm
When it comes you'll be warned
You'll be warm
You'll be warm


Written by:

Holly Miranda

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