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The Box

This song is by Holly McNarland and appears on the album Stuff (1997) and on the compilation Much @ Edgefest '99 (1999).

I had a box
A box that could talk
We looked inside and found
A yellow ribbon
So i took that box
For a long, long walk
And we had a talk
And went to look for a friend

And i had to eat you

We went shopping
The whole while talking
We fell upon a little egg
And the egg started talking

Could this be true
Have i really found you
To stop this box from talking
Well i must eat you

And i had to eat you
Have i really found you

The egg is terrified
But not to my surprise
But i had to stop him
This box from talking

So i said goodbye
And i see you both next time
And i'll be along my way
But the ribbons will always stay

And i had to eat you
Have i really found you